A Paisàni Story

Paisàni was born in 2016 with the mission of serving delicious, digestible, healthy, homemade burgers
with no frills or fighters and in a welcoming environment.

But why be called Paisàni?
We wanted a name that spoke of our idea, something that represented the America of hamburgers and the Italy of raw materials and traditions.

In New York On 56th street in a historic Burger Bar, while we were eating our umpteenth Hamburger, someone notices us and exclaims Paisà!
At that moment we understood what the right name was to represent our idea of ​​cuisine, which we could define as an Italian-American fusion.

Since 2016 we have belonged to the prestigious group of the “Slow Food Chefs Alliance”.

We have always worked with seasonal ingredients, with products from virtuous productions, our only dogma is the Paisàni Values


La Carne per gli hamburger (e anche le bistecche) sono forniti dall’ ”Antica Macelleria Cecchini”.

They are ground fresh every day and cooked in our charcoal oven and served at medium cooking, or at the cooking you prefer.

The sandwiches for our burgers (Buns) are very important ingredients,
capable of holding everything together.

Together with a local baker, starting from the basic recipe, combined with the tradition of local bread making,
using only quality Italian flours, we have obtained our recipe.

Soft, light, but with a thicker crust than traditional ones

The sauces are homemade with quality ingredients, without the use of preservatives, artificial flavorings and gluten-free.

The fries are fresh and homemade with yellow-fleshed potatoes.
Our processing method makes them soft insideand crunchy on the outside.
The ideal accompaniment for your Hamburger Paisàni

We are looking for only seasonal ingredients from virtuous productions, respectful of the environment and animal welfare.

This is why our menu varies several times a year based on the availability of ingredients in nature

Before opening Paisàni we traveled and drew inspiration from others places, stories, traditions and products.

First of all New York, which gave birth to the Hamburger but also London, Paris, Barcelona, ​​Milan and all city ​​where there was a new trend in terms of burgers.

Then we picked up our families’ cookbooks, recovering traditional recipes and adding them to our creations with the intention of transmitting the link with the territory through our Hamburger Paisàni!

We wanted a warm and welcoming place to serve our Hamburger Paisàni and our steaks.

We found it in an ancient 17th century building that we furnished with grandmother’s furniture and antiques.